Gerrit Jacobszoon Herwijnen was baptized on February 12, 1732 in Piershil. He is married twice. The first marriage was with Neeltje Tuindert or Tuyndert. His second marriage was with Lena Jansdochter de Raaf or De Rave. From the marriage with Neeltje, Gerrit had 5 children. Lena also give him 5 children.


Of the children from the marriage with Neeltje Tuindert or Tuyndert was one child female. A boy called Jaapje Gerritszoon born in 1761 probably died in 1762 or 1763. In 1764 another son was born, also got the names Jaapje Gerritszoon. If he lived until a ripe old age is unknown. In 1763 a son was born with the names Jacob Gerritszoon. Of this son nothing is known. Did he married? Maybe he died early. Well is known that on March 2, 1760 a son in Zuidland was baptized with the names Aarnout Gerritszoon. Aarnout past away on March 24, 1817, age 57 years. Aarnout was married with Lena van Vliet. Lena van Vliet died on November 21, 1827 at Zuidland. It is not known if there were any children from this marriage.


The second marriage, on October 11, 1767 with Lena Jansdochter de Raaf or De Rave, baptized on April 14, 1737 at Spijkenisse and passed  away on April 16, 1792 at Zuidland, was blessed with 5 sons. More about those brothers will follow hereafter:






Jacob Herwijnen was baptized on May 7, 1769 at Zuidland. Presumable Jacob died at a very young age. Because a year later another son was born with the name Jacob (Jacob Gerritszoon).




Jacob Gerritszoon Herwijnen (born in 1770), married with Hillegonda Willems de Labije. From this marriage were 2 children born a boy Gerrit and a girl Lena. However they were not given the name Herwijnen, but HERREWIJNEN. Their parents Jacob and Hillegonda made a notarial will by notary Brouwer on April 3, 1797. In which their demand was: In case of death of both parents Jan Herwijnen (brother of Jacob) and Samuel Touw would get guardianship for both children Gerrit and Lena.


Lena married with Jan Arijszoon van der Meijden. Children of this marriage will not continue this survey, because they didn´t have the name Herrewijnen.


Gerrit Herrewijnen married on March 11, 1814 with Ariaantje van Eijsden. From this marriage they got 13 children. Of the 13 children 8 died at a very young age. Four children where females. With them te name Herrewijnen did not continue. Rest a son with the name Jacob. Jacob Herrewijnen did what was expected of him and made sure the name Herrewijnen remained. All together he had 22 children. With the first marriage with Kaatje Heijmans, Jacob got 4 children and from the second marriage with Cornelia Verburgh another 18 children. Of the 22 children 10 were females (from them no continuation with the name Herrewijnen) of the 12 male Herrewijnen, 5 died very young. Of the remaining, one who wasn´t married, provided descendants with the name Herrewijnen. This moment there are several generations living in places like: Abbenbroek, Geervliet, ´s-Gravenzande, Honselersdijk and Zuidland. They thanking their existence of the people above! The adventure branch of the Herrewijnen emigrated to South-Africa, United States of America and Canada. Special in Canada there exist a large relatives of Herrewynen.




Jan Gerritszoon Herwijnen was christened on March 13, 1771 in Zuidland. He married on May 11, 1794 with Anna Struijs, born February 9. 1772. Jan Gerritszoon and Anna got 12 children. One child was given the name HERWIJNEN. That was Jacob born February 14, 1805 and baptized on February 17, 1805 in Zuidland. He died on September 13, 1854 (age 49). Not ?s know if Jacob was married and had children. Through this it is also not know if the name Herwijnen possible Herrewijnen been continued. It is possible that there are people with the name Herwijnen in this world whom have connections or relatives with the family Herrewijnen. The other 11 children of Jan Herwijnen and Anna Struijs were given the name HERREWIJNEN. Three children died at a young age and 5 were females. The brothers Gerrit, Leendert and Pieter got in total 14 children. Gerrit got 4 children they died very young. Pieter married late in life at the age of 37 and got one child. His child lived only 1 month. Leendert became father of 9 children, 4 passed away at a young age. Of the other 5, 1 was a female and 4 male to know Jan (13 children), Leendert (3 children, they all died within 1 year of there life), Gerrit (1 son) and Cornelis (9 children). Cornelis moved to The Hague with the family.


In matter of fact Jan Herrewijnen had 13 children, but 2 were still born, 7 died at a very young age. He also had 3 daughters, they all married. The only living son became 25 years of age and has possible never married. There are, at this moment, several generations Herrewijnen living in places as Delft, Den Haag, Grave, Nijmegen, Oud-Beijerland, Rotterdam and Wateringen. They are descendants of Cornelis Herrewijnen.  




Pieter Gerritszoon Herwijnen was baptized on April 17, 1774 at Zuidland. He married on May 2, 1804 with Aartje Cornelis de Labije, baptized in Zuidland on May 23, 1773. Pieter Herwijnen was of profession milkman and cattle keeper. Pieter and Aartje got 4 children, to know Maria, Lena, Johanna and Cornelia. The 4 children didn´t get the surname Herwijnen but HERREWIJNEN. They all were female. That made the name Herrewijnen not to be continued.  




Barend Gerritszoon Herwijnen, born February 2, 1777 is married three times. From the first marriage, on November 22, 1803 with Willemtje van der Arend is not known if there were any children born. Possible Willemtje van der Arend died at an early age. At August 5, 1805 Barend married again with Claasje Pieters Looij. Claasje Pieters Looij passed away on November 7, 1835, at the age of 57 years. The third marriage was on September 22, 1840 with Leentje Reijerkerk (53 years) and Barend was 63 years old.


Barend Gerritszoon Herwijnen must likely only had children with Claasje Pieters Looij. In total seven children. All seven children didn´t get the name Herwijnen but HERREWIJNEN. Three children died young. Two children are female and two were male. The sons Pieter and Gerrit got 14 children. Pieter got 9 children and Gerrit 5 children. The 5 children of Gerrit died in the first year of their life. Gerrit all ready died at the age of 35 years. From the children of Pieter 6 of them also died during the first years of their live. One son lived until 23 years of age. This son probable never got married. The remaining two were Pieter and Klaasje Herrewijnen. Klaasje was a female. The son Pieter continued the name Herrewijnen. Pieter had 11 children, 6 died at an youthful age. The two sons Pieter and Barend made it possible that the name Herrewijnen is still continued.


Descendants could be find in places like Rotterdam and Spijkenisse.



published: Nov. 2007.